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Who should sign up as a (For Sale broker)?

We will sell not only your clients restaurants but also advertise your brokerage business at the same time. So naturally you should have a business address and a phone number that we can post on the Internet. You could also post a picture or a logo with your resume or statement, just like you would do in any other traditional way of advertising.

How much do I pay you?

Our rates are not only competitive but also twice as effective. You will not only advertise restaurants for sale, but also increase their business by simultaneously advertising Italian food coupons and deals of their choice.

To top that, your entire first sale is on us! We will start you with 2 FREE ads one a regular coupon ad and one (For Sale) ad. After you sale that first restaurant you could pay our low fees with your commissions and it shouldnt be a problem for you :)

How do I pay you?

You pay us over the Internet using a 3rd secure party You could make an account with and that takes a few days. However that is not necessary if you want to use a credit or a debit card.

It is an option you see when you run out of For Sale ad credits.

Do you keep my financial information?

No we do not keep any financial information. We never had it to begin with. We believe this is best for everyone involved. We let the banks do the banks work and we do ours.

Your financial information is secure. We are using / paying a 3rd secure party They are the best in their business. After all they are the preffered payment gateway for

What if I want to advertise more then one restaurant For Sale?

You could advertise as many as you want. The first one is on us.

Can I advertise closed restaurants For Sale?

Sorry not at this time. For now for every restaurant for sale there should be one live coupon. We believe that is the best way to promote your business.

In the future we may have the closed restaurant for sale option. Please check with us again soon.

Can I skip the normal coupon and run 2 for sale ads instead?

No, both of your ads will be terminated.

Can I get a refund after I pay you?

Unfortunately we cant give you a refund at this time. We are just not setup for it. Please, do your best to select the right option the first time. However we will work with you and find the way if we are at fault.

How anonymous is your For Sale service?

We do have two options:
Disclosed and Undisclosed. While you might want to disclose the location, menu and other details about a franchise restaurant that is For Sale , doing so for an operating small business restaurant is unlikely. Using our undisclosed option will protect your client identity and location using you as a single contact. However please know that it is possible to single out a restaurant that is for sale using deductive reasoning and other logical and location sorting methods. So do not advertise super secret deals on the Internet :)

I have paid you but I still cant see my ads online?

Although you can work on your ads or coupons after you pay, every time when your account is modified your ads will go offline. The same is true with each individual coupon ad. This is done to protect you and us from an unauthorized use of your account. After your changes have been reviewed and approved and your payment received your ads will be back online. Please be patient, depending on many variables that could take up to a few days.

I cant log in and cant recover my password?

You are probably trying to login to a wrong service. Make sure you are logging in to the broker network.


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* Average cost of advertising:

* 100 000 Color Menu pieces 6 cents each?

* 2000 Color Menu pieces 20 to 26 cents each?

* Mail service? Door to door hangers?

* Depending on your size $1000 to $6000 and more a month. You know what we are talking about must spent 2%, 5% up to 10% right ...?