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Romio's Pizza (Magnolia)
Seattle WA

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I see my restaurant listed on your website, I did not list it but I want control?

Please send us an email asking to release control of your ads to you. Use your own email address because that is where we will send you your new controlling password and other correspondence. Give as much details about your restaurant and yourself and your position as possible. We will call your restaurant to verify and then release the control over to you. Please be patient this could take a few days.

The same is true if you want to release your advertising manager if one does the job for you and has control over your listings.

My restaurant is listed on your website, I hate it and I want it all deleted immediately!

We do apologize, we thought we are helping.
Please send us an email asking to delete. Use your own email address. Give as much details about your restaurant and yourself and your position as possible. We will call your restaurant to verify and delete your restaurant files as soon as possible. Please be patient this could take a few days.

An advertising manager came to me asking me to advertise on your website?

We charge the same amount of money for you to do it yourself or for someone else to do it for you. So it is between having control or more time? It is your responsibility to judge the character of your adverting manager since they are independent contractors selling our services and not affiliated with us in any other way. We cannot guarantee their service, please verify their trustworthiness and work related references.

How do I pay you?

You pay us our share over the Internet using a 3rd secure party You could make an account with and that will take a few days. However that is not necessary if you want to use a credit or a debit card. Go online and check them out.

It is an option you see when you run out of ad credits.

Can I get a refund after I pay you?

Unfortunately we cant give you a refund at this time. We are just not setup for it. However we will work with you and find the way if we are at fault.

Can I sell my restaurant on

Yes with a click of a mouse. You will have the choice to disclose or not (anonymous) restaurant name and the location of your restaurant. You potential buyers will contact you by email. It is really easy just get a lawyer to draw your documents and you will save tons of money on brokers fees. This will also give you flexibility as far as your sell price hence faster sell.

We should also mention that continiing to build your business sales using coupons and gaining new clients is a smart thing to do because after all your sells and customer numbers do reflect on the final Sale price.

I have paid you but I still can not see my ads online?

Although you can still work on your ads and coupons after you pay, every time when your account is modified your ads will go offline. The same is true with each individual coupon ad. This is done to protect you and us from an unauthorized use of your account. After your changes have been reviewed and approved and your payment received your ads will be back online. Please be patient, depending on many variables that could take up to a few days.

I can not log in or recover my password?

You are probably trying to login to a wrong service. Make sure you are logging in to the right restaurant owners and managers network.

Do you keep my financial information?

No we do not keep any financial information. We never had it to begin with. We believe this is best for everyone involved. We let the banks do the banks work and we do ours.

Your financial information is secure. We are using / paying a 3rd secure party They are the best in their business. After all they are the preffered payment gateway for


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* Average cost of advertising:

* 100 000 Color Menu pieces 6 cents each?

* 2000 Color Menu pieces 20 to 26 cents each?

* Mail service? Door to door hangers?

* Depending on your size $1000 to $6000 and more a month. You know what we are talking about must spent 2%, 5% up to 10% right ...?